Samco Campers are a high-end VW Campervan renting service. We were asked to create a brand and website that matched their ethos, which is to provide an outstanding service and experience for every customer.

samco campers

Logo Design

Like any good logo you want it to be memorable and simple. When discussing the brief with the Samco team we concluded they were after a “fun and modern logo design”.

We decided that the most recognisable part of a modern VW Campervan was the pop top roof, so this became our icon. We recreated the roof several times, simplifying it further and further until we came to the final results. 


campervan rental website

Website Design

Samco Icon 6
Samco Icon 9
Samco Icon 17
Samco Icon 1
Samco Icon 10
Samco Icon 24
Samco Icon 3
Samco Icon 11
Samco Icon 2
Samco Icon 4
Samco Icon 15
Samco Icon 26

Icon Design

The icons were created to help breakdown information in the website. Each one is on brand and carries an element of the logo. 

Samco Campers Leaflet Design

Leaflet Design

This leaflet has been designed to be very simple and easily editable to target different cities within the UK. 

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