A little bit about Herbal Labs

Website Design

Herbal Labs are a small business selling CBD Oil products both online and offline. They pride themselves in using the highest quality organic products and aim to be dominate the market whilst keeping a reasonable price tag. 

The Project 

We worked closely with Herbal Labs to create an elegant brand that not only stands out from their competitors but also appeals to a wide audience. Once we built the brand we moved on to the marketing side. 

Print Media:

Starting with the labels we created a simple design that is easy to read and gets straight to the point. 

From this we were able to create a Counter Display Unit (CDU) that complimented the overall theme they were going for.

The rest of the print designs such as the business cards followed suit, using the labels we were able to create CGI bottles to showcase on the front of the cards. 


Next the e-commerce website. We designed and built this on a CMS that enables the Herbal Labs team to easily update and monitor orders with a secure payment gateway (which is incredibly hard with this product). As well the standard keeping it mobile friendly and inline with the brand. 

NEC Expo:

After Herbal Labs got them selves established they were invited to The NEC Hemp Expo in Birmingham. Where we created large posters, pull up banners and leaflets as well as help set up the stall. They got some incredible feedback and I’m extremely proud of where this brand is going.